Education & Training Programs

Cooks Orientation and Training Manual,2016.  A simplified training manual for  training new and experienced cooks just entering the long-term-care workforce. Each section stands alone to be provided in short modules or can be used as a self-paced study guide.  


Food for group homes 

Simple flavorful recipes prepared with fresh and wholesome commonly available ingredients that meet nutrient needs. Originally developed for group homes, the recipes are so simple and delicious many of the author's clients purchase a copy to use in their own home. Who can blame them? These recipes have been tested in the author's home with her family and friends during the last 5 years. 




Implementation Book 

Food First! Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Meals with Fortified Food  coauthored with Linda Eck Mills, MBA, RD, FADA. This book provides the tools for implementation of a creative, survey friendly food supplement program using real food, not commercially manufactured medical nutritionals. Learn about the New Dining Practice standards and CMS requirements. 


Dietary Staff Education and Training Plan

Lesson Plans Are Sold Individually Or In Packets Of 12 Or 20. Covering The Most Important Areas Of The Nutritional And Dining Services Department These Training Modules Are Complete With A Lesson Plan, Syllabus And Competency Test For Each Topic.    

Policies & procedures

Dining Services Policies and Procedures - Long Term Care Communities, 2014. Simplified policies and procedures manual. The 10 chapters include 32 detailed cleaning procedures for equipment and physical plant areas, QAPI instructions and forms, a disaster and emergency management plan with sample menus and inventory, and 20 in-service lesson plans.


Flavorful Fortified Food – Recipes to Enrich Life  coauthored with Linda Eck Mills, MBA, RD, FADA. The book contains 60 high calorie, high protein easy to prepare recipes for home or facility use. The recipes for beverages, breads and cereals, desserts, main dishes, sauces and soups, and side dishes have quantities for both one and ten portions. 

​For Professionals

Current topics include

  • Your Dining Services - Have you looked at it lately?
  • F-371 Guidance Training in Food Sanitation and Safety
  • Disaster and Emergency Management for Long Term Care Communities
  • Compendium of Regulatory Requirements for Long Term Care Communities
  • It’s Time for Culture Change! Planning for Resident Directed Care
  • Are you ready when the attorney calls? 
  • Implementation, Training and Monitoring of your HACCP Plan
  • Your Business Plan: The Nuts and Bolts of Starting your own Consulting Business
  • Food Safety Training
  • HACCP Certification (8 hour course with test & certificate)
  • Food first! Creative and Survey Friendly Supplement Program
  • Pureed Foods with Pizazz​​

Coming Soon

For the Public

Current topics include

  • ​Eating Well When Dining Out
  • Finding Time for Fitness
  • Portion Control Made Easy
  • How to Deal with Cravings
  • Simplified Recipes - ​Dining by Myself
  • Grab 'n Go Meals 
  • Food Labels - sorting out the message
  • ​My Plate and Yours
  • Got the Munchies? Eat this, not that
  • Gluten -  the misunderstood ingredient
  • Portion Control Made Easy
  • Help! I was just diagnosed with .......!!
  • ​Your Fast Food Alternatives
  • Diabetes and Blood Sugar Management
  • Hypertension and Blood Pressure Management
  • Your "No Diet"  Wellness and Weight Management Plan
  • ​Your Shopping List