Food Sensitivities

and Intolerances

Nutrition Counseling

I provide my clients with individualized services that include wellness and chronic disease management. If you need a friendly, understanding and empathetic approach, that's me. I can  help you by simplifying your favorite recipes and decreasing calorie, fat, salt and sugar contents while retaining all the flavors you're used to enjoying.

If you have suffered needlessly from gastrointestinal issues, chronic or recurring pain, migraines, inflammation, fatigue, food intolerance or allergies, it's important for you to find a solution. Diet plays an important role in health and wellness. Many people are misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all, because their sensitivity and intolerance to certain ingredients in processed foods in their diet is not identified. Why suffer needlessly when there is a solution? The treatment of food sensitivities requires specialized training and credentials and the development of your own Individualized Eating and Performance Disease Management Program (LEAP). Contact me for a brief review of your symptoms and to discuss how I can help using LEAP. It will change your life. 

Private Counseling  

For your comfort and convenience, counseling sessions are scheduled in the privacy of your home. Understanding busy schedules, I also offer telephone, on-line and Skype sessions. The initial session includes a one-on-one interview and follow up analysis including evaluation of nutritional and weight status and recommendations for nutrition improvements or changes to improve your well-being. Follow-up sessions provide the necessary instructions and guidelines to ensure you're able to follow your lifestyle plan and monitor your progress. Special arrangements can be made for group sessions at a reasonable additional fee.

Home Health Services 

As the population ages, today’s choice “to age in place” is a reality. Providing nutritional counseling to the home bound person is an important part of their recovery. I'm experienced in applying the appropriate evidence based nutrition intervention strategies for a specific diagnosis. Working with your patient's healthcare team, care givers in the home and the attending physician, individualized diet and meal guidelines are designed to meet your needs, taste, budget and lifestyle.

Hospice Care Services 

The end of one’s life is a momentous and personal event affecting the individual and loved ones. This is an important time to provide seamless and worriless support. Appropriate nutrition for the end-of-life stage of each person with consideration given to their wishes and family’s solace should not interfere with this process but become part of it. Unnecessary nutrition intervention at this time may cause more pain than comfort, and if palliative care is desired I will work with you and your hospice care team. My experience and empathy in this area helps families feel at ease and accept the best nutritional course of action for their loved one. 

Your at Home Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT) Services 

Contact me for appointments for any of the following

  • Mediated Release Test (MRT) by a Certified LEAP Therapist
  •  Wellness lifestyle & healthy living
    •  Weight management and obesity
    •  Cooking classes & demonstrations
    •  Recipe analysis & modifications 
  •   Therapeutic nutrition
    • Weight loss or weight gain
    • Management of Enteral nutrition
    • Chronic Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis
    • Blood pressure management
    • Diabetes prevention and blood sugar control